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Leaves of Absence

RISD allows for leaves of absence in the following categories: Personal, Medical, Administrative, Study Abroad, and Military.  Students may apply for a leave of absence for a period of up to 1 year (see below for the allowable duration of a military leave). Students are expected to return to RISD at the conclusion of their leave or request a leave extension of up to one more year. Extensions beyond a year may be considered. A student who has not returned to RISD after their leave will be officially withdrawn from the institution.

To apply for a leave of absence, complete the online Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form and complete relevant items below:

  • Complete an advising conversation with a staff representative from Student Affairs

    ( // (401)-454-6600).

  • Meet with Student Financial Services regarding student finances, financial aid eligibility, refund schedules, and/or loan repayment

    ( // (401)-454-6661).

  • International students on an F-1 Visa: Meet with the International Student & Scholar Affairs (ISSA) Office. Note that students on F-1 Visas who take a leave of absence may forfeit their F-1 work authorization benefits upon their return

    ( // (401)-277-4957).

  • Students in Experimental and Foundation Studies: Meet with the Dean of EFS

    ( // (401)-454-6176).

  • Graduate students: Meet with their Graduate Program Director and Academic Division Dean.

Note: leaves of absence from RISD may affect the health insurance status for a student. Consult with your health insurance carrier for details.

Leaves of absence may be requested during a semester up until the course withdrawal deadline. Leaves of absence after the conclusion of the withdrawal period are granted sparingly and in the case of extenuating circumstances beyond the ability of the student to predict or control. Students who are granted a leave of absence within the add/drop period will be dropped from all courses. After the add/drop deadline, students will be withdrawn from all classes. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates. A course withdrawal does not impact a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) and will appear as a “W” on the official transcript.

Students on a leave of absence are still considered candidates for the RISD degree even though they are not formally enrolled. If you receive permission from RISD to take classes elsewhere while on leave, you must enroll there as a guest or visiting (non-degree seeking) student, not as a transfer or degree-seeking student.  Students can only be candidates for a degree at one institution at a time. Students who experience a change in circumstances may submit an online Leave of Absence Extension form to extend their hiatus for up to one year if additional time away from RISD is needed.