Independent Study Project (ISP)

Allows students to complete a supervised project for credit in a specific area of interest to supplement the established curriculum.  The project requires independent study but also includes tutorial supervision; its purpose is to meet individual student needs by providing an alternative to regularly offered courses.

Collaborative Study Project (CSP)

Allows two or more students to work collaboratively to complete a faculty-supervised project of independent study. Usually, a CSP is supervised by two faculty members, but with approval, it may be supervised by one faculty member.

Each ISP/CSP may receive 3 credits. A combined total of 9 credits of Independent Study/Collaborative Study work may be credited toward any four- or five-year undergraduate degree. ISPs are available in Fall, Wintersession, and Spring. Independent Study/Collaborative Study Projects are not available in the Summer term.

Students (sophomores and above) with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above may register for a particular ISP/CSP by requesting the assistance of a faculty member with appropriate interests and competencies to serve as a tutor. With the consent and assistance of the faculty member, a student should prepare a proposal and an application for the work to be accomplished (electronic application forms can be obtained online from the Registrar’s Office website). 

The student will be properly enrolled once the electronic form, along with the required approvals, are completed and sent to the Registrar’s Office. Approval for an ISP/CSP must be submitted to the Registrar in accordance with the timeline outlined in the Academic Calendar. In order to meet this deadline, students are encouraged to meet with their chosen tutor as soon as they know they desire an ISP/CSP in the semester prior.

Interdisciplinary Study Option (ISO)

Permits undergraduate students with an approved study plan to apply credits earned outside their major department toward their major requirement by substituting those ISO credits for an equal number of credits normally earned in their home department. Between 3 and 12 ISO credits may be counted for major credit.

The purpose of the ISO is to permit students to augment their study in their major discipline in a meaningful way. This option is open to juniors in good standing with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher. Applicants must submit a proposal in writing stating the reasons his/her major studies will be enhanced by study in another discipline. Application forms are available on the Registrar's Office website.