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Withdrawing from a Course with a Grade of “W”

Students may withdraw from a course with a grade of “W” using the Withdraw function in Workday during the course withdrawal period. Deadline dates are published in the Academic Calendar.

The grade of “W” has no effect upon the grade point average. Courses graded “W” do not count toward the minimum semester total of 12 credits required for good academic standing.

Withdrawing from a RISD Global Learning Program

Prior to Program Commencement: Requesting to withdraw from a RISD off-campus global learning program (including but not limited to RISD in Rome, RISD Global Exchange, RISD Global Summer Studies and Wintersession Travel Courses), once accepted, is highly discouraged. Should there be a need to withdraw prior to the program, students must submit a petition at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the program. This petition will be reviewed by a committee and you will be notified no later than 15 days after the petition is received.

Please be sure to provide the committee with any pertinent information that supports your request (i.e. medical documentation). Please note, in the case a student is approved to withdraw from the program in advance, a full reimbursement will only be possible if the School has not yet incurred any associated costs. The non-refundable deposit for RISD Global Summer Studies is not eligible for reimbursement.

After Program Commencement: It is not possible for a student to drop a RISD off-campus global learning program or course (including but not limited to: RISD in Rome, RISD Global Exchange, RISD Global Summer Session and Wintersession Travel Courses) via the standard Add/Drop process after it has commenced. RISD provides many resources to support students during their RISD Global experiences. In the case of unforeseen and extenuating circumstances (and only after students have spoken with the faculty lead or the host school’s international office, and RISD Global for approval to withdraw from the program), students should be aware that no refund will be issued. Returning to RISD for the in-progress semester is not an option.