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RISD Global Programs

NOTE: Several programs offered through RISD Global are paused for the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year. Please contact the RISD Global Office for additional details or inquires.

Through a variety of programs, RISD Global is committed to developing and sustaining learning opportunities that address the challenges, meanings, and importance of art and design in a global context. These opportunities prepare creative agents for a changing world. Information on the individual application/ registration processes for both semester-long and short-term global learning programs can be accessed via the RISD Global website.

Academic policy requires students participating in RISD Global programs to meet the GPA eligibility requirements not only at the time of application but also up until and throughout their time in the off-campus program. Students who fail to maintain the required GPA will be subject to dismissal from the off-campus program prior to, or throughout, the program of study. The Office of the Registrar, in accordance with the Academic Standing Committee and consultation with RISD Global, will review the academic performance of all registered students prior to their departure. Should a student fail to maintain the required minimum GPA, RISD will terminate the student’s participation in the program. RISD is not required to refund any of the student’s program costs in such case.

For additional information about RISD Global programs, students are welcome to visit the RISD Global Office (at 20 Washington Place Room 321) and the RISD Global website. Appointments are also available (upon request in advance) in the RISD Global Office. To make an appointment click here.


As part of the Social Equity and Inclusion (SEI) initiative, a limited number of need-based scholarships are available to RISD students, to be used for participation in off-campus global learning programs. These funds require a supplemental application and are intended to provide students the unique, and often life-changing, opportunity to participate in an off-campus global learning experience during their time at RISD.

The scholarship may cover either part of or the entire course fee for short term programming. However, not all applicants will receive funding. First priority is given based on a student’s financial need as determined by Student Financial Services, followed by preference given to those who have not already received funds for a prior travel opportunity, and then to those students who expect to graduate soon (i.e., undergraduate juniors and seniors, second-year graduate students). Brown University students, as well as other approved non-RISD participants enrolled in other art and design institutions, are not eligible to apply for RISD travel scholarships.